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General Rules

● No Harassment or Flaming (Offensive or insulting content)

● No Cheating, Exploiting or Hacking

● No Spamming (Voice and Text chat)

● Revealing ANY personal information of any player will result in an instant ban

● Use /report to report issues, NOT OOC

● Do not abuse /advert (It is only for advertising sales etc. - You may include you name to pm)

● Do not abuse any loopholes found in the rules

● Racism is not allowed

If you have questions about the rules, request a staff member explain them to you but using /report or posting on our forums: Voltagegaming.com


● Do not Metagame (Using out of character chats for in character knowledge)

● Do not Powergame (Taking control of a situation you would or could not, reasonably, in real life)

● Use of above head info (in-game name, warrant text) is useable in-roleplay

● Follow FearRP (If a weapon is pointed at you, you must follow orders)

► This only applies if a weapon is pointed at you

► The only exception to this is if you have a weapon equipped already

● Follow NLR: (New Life Rule) (You cannot seek revenge)

► When you die you may not return to that location for 5 minutes

► If you return after 5 minutes and the RP situation is still on-going, you must wait for it to end before returning

● No SexRP

● Do not craft in the General Store!

● Do not kill Fire & EMS for doing their jobs

● Do not take Fire & EMS hostage

● Do not FailRP:

► Follow orders when arrested

► Do not drive vehicles or relog while handcuffed

► Do not kill yourself or relog to avoid arrest

● Mining:

► To move heavy equipment from place to place (Smelter or mine entrance) you must use a vehicle with space to put the equipment

● Drugs:

► You may not grow on / in any government property (Ex. Town Hall, PD, FD, Car Dealer)


● You may not kill anyone on your property until you life is in danger (Other person must be holding weapon in hand NOT on their back)

● Do not RDM (Random Death Match - Killing Randomly)

● You must have a reason to throw a molotov (Ex. Someone made threats to you)

● Do not punchwhore (Randomly punching players)


● You must wait 15 minutes between mugging a person (You may not mug the same person twice in a row)

● Maximum mug is for $2,500

● No mugging in the view of NPCs or in Spawn (Exception if player runs into spawn while being mugged)

Basing and Raiding

● Wait 15 minutes between raids (You may not raid the same person(s) twice in a row)

● Mazes have a maximum of 3 turns

● No crouch or parkour cades

● All props MUST be supported properly (No floating props etc.)

● You may only build on your property, not on government property

● There must be at least ONE DOOR open for entry

● No hitbox abuse (You must test to make sure you can see the player and weapon behind any barrier)

● Do not abuse 1 way viewing (Windows, Props, etc.)

● Do not build on government property (Streets, Sidewalks, etc.)

● Lamps MUST be visible (Not behind concrete barrier, but behind bulletproof glass)

● You may use a ladder (properly secured) to climb over fences to raid (You may only use a ladder for this)


● Try your best to drive according to real life laws

● Driving away from a police traffic stop authorizes police to shoot

● Do not CDM (Car Deathmatch - Randomly killing with a vehicle)

General Job Rules

● All players in a job MUST follow all other rules unless specifically stated in the job specific rules

● All players in a job MUST drive according to traffic laws

● Do not kill other players in jobs

● Government official MUST break organization ties while on the job

● NLR (New Life Rule) applies to all jobs, except when you are called back to that location by another player in the government

Job Rules